update.h File Reference

RFC2136 Dynamic Update. More...

#include <dns/types.h>
#include <dns/result.h>

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#define NAMED_UPDATE_H   1


void ns_update_start (ns_client_t *client, isc_result_t sigresult)

Detailed Description

RFC2136 Dynamic Update.

Definition in file update.h.

Define Documentation

#define NAMED_UPDATE_H   1

Definition at line 21 of file update.h.

Function Documentation

void ns_update_start ( ns_client_t client,
isc_result_t  sigresult 

Definition at line 1562 of file update.c.

References CHECK, checkupdateacl(), dns_message_currentname(), dns_message_firstname(), dns_message_nextname(), dns_nsstatscounter_updaterej, DNS_R_FORMERR, DNS_R_NOTAUTH, DNS_R_REFUSED, DNS_SECTION_ZONE, dns_zone_attach(), dns_zone_detach(), dns_zone_dlz, dns_zone_getforwardacl(), dns_zone_getraw(), dns_zone_gettype(), dns_zone_master, dns_zone_slave, dns_zt_find(), FAIL, FAILC, inc_stats(), INSIST, ISC_FALSE, ISC_LIST_HEAD, ISC_LIST_NEXT, ISC_R_NOMORE, ISC_R_SUCCESS, ISC_TRUE, ns_client::message, respond(), send_forward_event(), send_update_event(), dns_rdataset::type, ns_client::view, zone, and dns_view::zonetable.

Referenced by client_request().

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