dns Directory Reference


file  acache.h [code]
file  acl.h [code]
 Address match list handling.
file  adb.h [code]
 DNS Address Database.
file  badcache.h [code]
 Defines dns_badcache_t, the "bad cache" object.
file  bit.h [code]
file  byaddr.h [code]
 The byaddr module provides reverse lookup services for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
file  cache.h [code]
 Defines dns_cache_t, the cache object.
file  callbacks.h [code]
file  cert.h [code]
file  client.h [code]
 The DNS client module provides convenient programming interfaces to various DNS services, such as name resolution with or without DNSSEC validation or dynamic DNS update. This module is primarily expected to be used by other applications than BIND9-related ones that need such advanced DNS features.
file  clientinfo.h [code]
 The DNS clientinfo interface allows libdns to retrieve information about the client from the caller.
file  compress.h [code]
file  db.h [code]
 The DNS DB interface allows named rdatasets to be stored and retrieved.
file  dbiterator.h [code]
 The DNS DB Iterator interface allows iteration of all of the nodes in a database.
file  dbtable.h [code]
 DNS DB Tables.
file  diff.h [code]
 A diff is a convenience type representing a list of changes to be made to a database.
file  dispatch.h [code]
 DNS Dispatch Management Shared UDP and single-use TCP dispatches for queries and responses.
file  dlz.h [code]
file  dlz_dlopen.h [code]
file  dns64.h [code]
file  dnssec.h [code]
file  ds.h [code]
file  dsdigest.h [code]
file  ecdb.h [code]
file  edns.h [code]
file  events.h [code]
 Registry of DNS event numbers.
file  fixedname.h [code]
 Fixed-size Names.
file  forward.h [code]
file  geoip.h [code]
file  iptable.h [code]
file  journal.h [code]
 Database journaling.
file  keydata.h [code]
 KEYDATA utilities.
file  keyflags.h [code]
file  keytable.h [code]
 The keytable module provides services for storing and retrieving DNSSEC trusted keys, as well as the ability to find the deepest matching key for a given domain name.
file  keyvalues.h [code]
file  lib.h [code]
file  log.h [code]
file  lookup.h [code]
 The lookup module performs simple DNS lookups. It implements the full resolver algorithm, both looking for local data and resolving external names as necessary.
file  master.h [code]
file  masterdump.h [code]
file  message.h [code]
 Message Handling Module.
file  name.h [code]
 Provides facilities for manipulating DNS names and labels, including conversions to and from wire format and text format.
file  ncache.h [code]
 DNS Ncache.
file  nsec.h [code]
file  nsec3.h [code]
file  nta.h [code]
 The NTA module provides services for storing and retrieving negative trust anchors, and determine whether a given domain is subject to DNSSEC validation.
file  opcode.h [code]
file  order.h [code]
file  peer.h [code]
 Data structures for peers (e.g. a 'server' config file statement).
file  portlist.h [code]
file  private.h [code]
file  rbt.h [code]
file  rcode.h [code]
file  rdata.h [code]
 Provides facilities for manipulating DNS rdata, including conversions to and from wire format and text format.
file  rdataclass.h [code]
file  rdatalist.h [code]
 A DNS rdatalist is a list of rdata of a common type and class.
file  rdataset.h [code]
 A DNS rdataset is a handle that can be associated with a collection of rdata all having a common owner name, class, and type.
file  rdatasetiter.h [code]
 The DNS Rdataset Iterator interface allows iteration of all of the rdatasets at a node.
file  rdataslab.h [code]
 Implements storage of rdatasets into slabs of memory.
file  rdatatype.h [code]
file  request.h [code]
 The request module provides simple request/response services useful for sending SOA queries, DNS Notify messages, and dynamic update requests.
file  resolver.h [code]
 This is the BIND 9 resolver, the module responsible for resolving DNS requests by iteratively querying authoritative servers and following referrals. This is a "full resolver", not to be confused with the stub resolvers most people associate with the word "resolver". The full resolver is part of the caching name server or resolver daemon the stub resolver talks to.
file  result.h [code]
file  rootns.h [code]
file  rpz.h [code]
file  rriterator.h [code]
 Functions for "walking" a zone database, visiting each RR or RRset in turn.
file  rrl.h [code]
file  sdb.h [code]
 Simple database API.
file  sdlz.h [code]
file  secalg.h [code]
file  secproto.h [code]
file  soa.h [code]
 SOA utilities.
file  ssu.h [code]
file  stats.h [code]
file  tcpmsg.h [code]
file  time.h [code]
file  timer.h [code]
file  tkey.h [code]
file  tsec.h [code]
 The TSEC (Transaction Security) module is an abstraction layer for managing DNS transaction mechanisms such as TSIG or SIG(0). A TSEC structure is a mechanism-independent object containing key information specific to the mechanism, and is expected to be used as an argument to other modules that use transaction security in a mechanism-independent manner.
file  tsig.h [code]
file  ttl.h [code]
file  types.h [code]
 Including this file gives you type declarations suitable for use in .h files, which lets us avoid circular type reference problems.
file  update.h [code]
file  validator.h [code]
 DNS Validator This is the BIND 9 validator, the module responsible for validating the rdatasets and negative responses (messages). It makes use of zones in the view and may fetch RRset to complete trust chains. It implements DNSSEC as specified in RFC 4033, 4034 and 4035.
file  version.h [code]
file  view.h [code]
 DNS View.
file  xfrin.h [code]
 Incoming zone transfers (AXFR + IXFR).
file  zone.h [code]
file  zonekey.h [code]
file  zt.h [code]

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