dnssec-settime.c File Reference

#include <config.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <isc/buffer.h>
#include <isc/commandline.h>
#include <isc/entropy.h>
#include <isc/file.h>
#include <isc/hash.h>
#include <isc/mem.h>
#include <isc/print.h>
#include <isc/string.h>
#include <isc/util.h>
#include <dns/keyvalues.h>
#include <dns/result.h>
#include <dns/log.h>
#include <dst/dst.h>
#include "dnssectool.h"

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#define CMDLINE_FLAGS   "A:D:E:fhI:i:K:L:P:p:R:S:uv:V"


usage (void)
static void printtime (dst_key_t *key, int type, const char *tag, isc_boolean_t epoch, FILE *stream)
int main (int argc, char **argv)


const char * program = "dnssec-settime"
int verbose
static isc_mem_tmctx = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition in file dnssec-settime.c.

Define Documentation

#define CMDLINE_FLAGS   "A:D:E:fhI:i:K:L:P:p:R:S:uv:V"

Function Documentation

static ISC_PLATFORM_NORETURN_PRE void usage ( void   )  [static]

Definition at line 54 of file dnssec-settime.c.

References PK11_LIB_LOCATION, program, and VERSION.

static void printtime ( dst_key_t key,
int  type,
const char *  tag,
isc_boolean_t  epoch,
FILE *  stream 
) [static]

Definition at line 102 of file dnssec-settime.c.

References dst_key_gettime(), ISC_R_NOTFOUND, and output().

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 125 of file dnssec-settime.c.

References check_keyversion(), cleanup_entropy(), cleanup_logging(), CMDLINE_FLAGS, del, directory, DNS_KEYFLAG_KSK, DNS_KEYFLAG_REVOKE, dns_name_equal(), DNS_NAME_MAXWIRE, dns_result_register(), dst_key_alg(), dst_key_buildfilename(), dst_key_flags(), dst_key_format(), DST_KEY_FORMATSIZE, dst_key_free(), dst_key_fromnamedfile(), dst_key_getprivateformat(), dst_key_gettime(), dst_key_isexternal(), dst_key_isprivate(), dst_key_name(), dst_key_settime(), dst_key_setttl(), dst_key_size(), dst_key_tofile(), dst_key_unsettime(), dst_lib_destroy(), dst_lib_init2(), DST_MAJOR_VERSION, DST_MINOR_VERSION, DST_TIME_ACTIVATE, DST_TIME_CREATED, DST_TIME_DELETE, DST_TIME_INACTIVE, DST_TIME_PUBLISH, DST_TIME_REVOKE, DST_TYPE_PRIVATE, DST_TYPE_PUBLIC, ectx, epoch, fatal(), isc_buffer_clear, isc_buffer_init, isc_commandline_argument, isc_commandline_errprint, isc_commandline_index, isc_commandline_option, isc_commandline_parse(), ISC_ENTROPY_BLOCKING, ISC_ENTROPY_GOODONLY, isc_entropy_stopcallbacksources(), ISC_FALSE, isc_file_splitpath(), isc_hash_create(), isc_hash_destroy(), isc_mem_create(), isc_mem_destroy(), isc_mem_free, isc_mem_stats(), isc_mem_strdup, ISC_R_SUCCESS, isc_result_totext(), isc_stdtime_get(), ISC_TRUE, key, keystr, name, now, pk11_result_register(), printtime(), program, pub, set_keyversion(), setdel, setpub, setttl, setup_entropy(), setup_logging(), strtotime(), strtottl(), ttl, usage(), verbose, and version.

Variable Documentation

const char* program = "dnssec-settime"

Definition at line 48 of file dnssec-settime.c.

int verbose

Definition at line 49 of file dnssec-settime.c.

isc_mem_t* mctx = NULL [static]

Definition at line 51 of file dnssec-settime.c.

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