globals.h File Reference

#include <isc/rwlock.h>
#include <isc/log.h>
#include <isc/net.h>
#include <isccfg/aclconf.h>
#include <isccfg/cfg.h>
#include <dns/acl.h>
#include <dns/zone.h>
#include <dst/dst.h>
#include <named/types.h>

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#define NAMED_GLOBALS_H   1
#define EXTERN   extern
#define INIT(v)
#define NS_RUN_PID_DIR   1


EXTERN isc_mem_t *ns_g_mctx INIT (NULL)
EXTERN unsigned int ns_g_cpus INIT (0)
EXTERN unsigned int
INIT (1)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_version INIT (VERSION)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_product INIT (PRODUCT)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_description INIT (DESCRIPTION)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_srcid INIT (SRCID)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_configargs INIT (CONFIGARGS)
EXTERN const char *ns_g_builder INIT (BUILDER)
EXTERN isc_dscp_t ns_g_dscp INIT (-1)
EXTERN isc_boolean_t
EXTERN const char *ns_g_conffile INIT (NS_SYSCONFDIR"/named.conf")
EXTERN const char *ns_g_keyfile INIT (NS_SYSCONFDIR"/rndc.key")
EXTERN const char
INIT (NS_SYSCONFDIR"/lwresd.conf")
EXTERN const char
INIT ("/etc""/resolv.conf")
EXTERN isc_uint16_t ns_g_udpsize INIT (4096)
EXTERN isc_boolean_t ns_g_coreok INIT (ISC_TRUE)
EXTERN const char
INIT (NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/""session.key")
EXTERN const char
INIT (NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/""named.lock")
EXTERN const char
INIT (NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/""")
EXTERN const char
INIT (NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/lwresd/""")
EXTERN int ns_g_listen INIT (3)


EXTERN dns_name_t ns_g_sessionkeyname
EXTERN isc_time_t ns_g_boottime
EXTERN isc_time_t ns_g_configtime

Detailed Description

Definition in file globals.h.

Define Documentation

#define NAMED_GLOBALS_H   1

Definition at line 21 of file globals.h.

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 45 of file globals.h.

#define INIT (  ) 

Definition at line 46 of file globals.h.

#define NS_RUN_PID_DIR   1

Definition at line 50 of file globals.h.

Function Documentation

EXTERN const char *ns_g_engine INIT ( NULL   ) 

EXTERN unsigned int ns_smf_want_disable INIT (  ) 

EXTERN unsigned int ns_g_cpus_detected INIT (  ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_version INIT ( VERSION   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_product INIT ( PRODUCT   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_description INIT ( DESCRIPTION   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_srcid INIT ( SRCID   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_configargs INIT ( CONFIGARGS   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_builder INIT ( BUILDER   ) 

EXTERN isc_dscp_t ns_g_dscp INIT ( 1  ) 

EXTERN isc_boolean_t ns_g_disable4 INIT ( ISC_FALSE   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_conffile INIT ( NS_SYSCONFDIR"/named.conf"   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_keyfile INIT ( NS_SYSCONFDIR"/rndc.key"   ) 

EXTERN const char* lwresd_g_conffile INIT ( NS_SYSCONFDIR"/lwresd.conf"   ) 

EXTERN const char* lwresd_g_resolvconffile INIT ( "/etc""/resolv.conf"   ) 

EXTERN isc_uint16_t ns_g_udpsize INIT ( 4096   ) 

EXTERN isc_boolean_t ns_g_coreok INIT ( ISC_TRUE   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_defaultsessionkeyfile INIT ( NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/""session.key  ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_defaultlockfile INIT ( NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/""named.lock"   ) 

EXTERN const char* ns_g_defaultpidfile INIT ( NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/named/"""   ) 

EXTERN const char* lwresd_g_defaultpidfile INIT ( NS_LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/lwresd/"""   ) 

EXTERN int ns_g_listen INIT (  ) 

Variable Documentation

EXTERN dns_name_t ns_g_sessionkeyname

Definition at line 105 of file globals.h.

Referenced by shutdown_server().

EXTERN isc_time_t ns_g_boottime

Definition at line 164 of file globals.h.

Referenced by ns_server_status(), and setup().

EXTERN isc_time_t ns_g_configtime

Definition at line 165 of file globals.h.

Referenced by load_configuration(), ns_server_changezone(), ns_server_delzone(), and ns_server_status().

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