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#define PK11_INTERNAL_H   1


ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS const char * pk11_get_lib_name (void)
void * pk11_mem_get (size_t size)
void pk11_mem_put (void *ptr, size_t size)
CK_SLOT_ID pk11_get_best_token (pk11_optype_t optype)
unsigned int pk11_numbits (CK_BYTE_PTR data, unsigned int bytecnt)
CK_ATTRIBUTEpk11_attribute_first (const pk11_object_t *obj)
CK_ATTRIBUTEpk11_attribute_next (const pk11_object_t *obj, CK_ATTRIBUTE *attr)
CK_ATTRIBUTEpk11_attribute_bytype (const pk11_object_t *obj, CK_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE type)

Detailed Description

Definition in file internal.h.

Define Documentation

#define PK11_INTERNAL_H   1

Definition at line 20 of file internal.h.

Function Documentation

ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS const char* pk11_get_lib_name ( void   ) 

Definition at line 225 of file pk11.c.

References lib_name.

Referenced by pkcs_C_Initialize(), and pkcs_C_OpenSession().

void* pk11_mem_get ( size_t  size  ) 

Definition at line 242 of file pk11.c.

References allocsize, isc_mem_get, LOCK, and UNLOCK.

Referenced by choose_slots(), and pk11_get_session().

void pk11_mem_put ( void *  ptr,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 261 of file pk11.c.

References allocsize, free(), isc_mem_put, LOCK, and UNLOCK.

Referenced by choose_slots(), free_session_list(), pk11_finalize(), and pk11_return_session().

CK_SLOT_ID pk11_get_best_token ( pk11_optype_t  optype  ) 

Definition at line 866 of file pk11.c.

References OP_AES, OP_DH, OP_DIGEST, OP_DSA, OP_EC, OP_GOST, OP_RAND, OP_RSA, and token.

unsigned int pk11_numbits ( CK_BYTE_PTR  data,
unsigned int  bytecnt 

Definition at line 903 of file pk11.c.

References INSIST.

CK_ATTRIBUTE* pk11_attribute_first ( const pk11_object_t obj  ) 

Definition at line 938 of file pk11.c.

References pk11_object::repr.

Referenced by pk11_attribute_bytype().

CK_ATTRIBUTE* pk11_attribute_next ( const pk11_object_t obj,

Definition at line 943 of file pk11.c.

References pk11_object::attrcnt, and pk11_object::repr.

Referenced by pk11_attribute_bytype().

CK_ATTRIBUTE* pk11_attribute_bytype ( const pk11_object_t obj,

Definition at line 953 of file pk11.c.

References pk11_attribute_first(), pk11_attribute_next(), and CK_ATTRIBUTE::type.

Referenced by pk11_parse_uri().

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