ipv6.c File Reference

#include <config.h>
#include <isc/ipv6.h>

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struct in6_addr in6addr_any = IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT
struct in6_addr in6addr_loopback = IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK_INIT

Detailed Description

Definition in file ipv6.c.

Variable Documentation

struct in6_addr in6addr_any = IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT

Definition at line 26 of file ipv6.c.

Referenced by do_scan(), internal_current4(), isc_netaddr_any6(), and isc_sockaddr_any6().

struct in6_addr in6addr_loopback = IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK_INIT

Definition at line 27 of file ipv6.c.

Referenced by ns_controls_configure().

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