iterated_hash.c File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <isc/sha1.h>
#include <isc/iterated_hash.h>

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int isc_iterated_hash (unsigned char out[ISC_SHA1_DIGESTLENGTH], unsigned int hashalg, int iterations, const unsigned char *salt, int saltlength, const unsigned char *in, int inlength)

Function Documentation

int isc_iterated_hash ( unsigned char  out[ISC_SHA1_DIGESTLENGTH],
unsigned int  hashalg,
int  iterations,
const unsigned char *  salt,
int  saltlength,
const unsigned char *  in,
int  inlength 

Definition at line 27 of file iterated_hash.c.

References isc_sha1_final(), isc_sha1_init(), and isc_sha1_update().

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