types.h File Reference

#include <isc/boolean.h>
#include <isc/int.h>
#include <isc/result.h>

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Data Structures

struct  isccc_region
 iscc region structure More...


#define ISCCC_TYPES_H   1


typedef isc_uint32_t isccc_time_t
 isccc_time_t typedef
typedef struct isccc_sexpr isccc_sexpr_t
 isccc_sexpr_t typedef
typedef struct isccc_dottedpair isccc_dottedpair_t
 isccc_dottedpair_t typedef
typedef struct isccc_symtab isccc_symtab_t
 isccc_symtab_t typedef
typedef struct isccc_region isccc_region_t

Detailed Description

Definition in file types.h.

Define Documentation

#define ISCCC_TYPES_H   1

Definition at line 35 of file types.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef isc_uint32_t isccc_time_t

isccc_time_t typedef

Definition at line 44 of file types.h.

typedef struct isccc_sexpr isccc_sexpr_t

isccc_sexpr_t typedef

Definition at line 47 of file types.h.

typedef struct isccc_dottedpair isccc_dottedpair_t

isccc_dottedpair_t typedef

Definition at line 49 of file types.h.

typedef struct isccc_symtab isccc_symtab_t

isccc_symtab_t typedef

Definition at line 51 of file types.h.

typedef struct isccc_region isccc_region_t

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