once.h File Reference

#include <isc/result.h>

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#define ISC_ONCE_H   1
#define isc_once_do(op, f)   (!*(op) ? (f(), *(op) = ISC_TRUE, ISC_R_SUCCESS) : ISC_R_SUCCESS)


typedef isc_boolean_t isc_once_t

Define Documentation

#define ISC_ONCE_H   1

Definition at line 21 of file once.h.


Definition at line 27 of file once.h.

Referenced by fromtext_in_wks(), and isc__strerror().

#define isc_once_do ( op,
 )     (!*(op) ? (f(), *(op) = ISC_TRUE, ISC_R_SUCCESS) : ISC_R_SUCCESS)

Definition at line 29 of file once.h.

Referenced by dns_acl_isinsecure(), dns_db_create(), dns_db_register(), dns_db_unregister(), dns_dlzcreate(), dns_dlzregister(), dns_dlzunregister(), dns_lib_init(), dns_lib_initmsgcat(), dns_name_destroy(), dst_lib_initmsgcat(), fromtext_in_wks(), initialize(), isc__mutex_init(), isc__strerror(), isc_app_register(), isc_hash_create(), isc_lib_initmsgcat(), isc_lib_register(), isc_mem_register(), isc_socket_register(), isc_task_register(), isc_timer_register(), isccc_lib_initmsgcat(), ns_lwresd_configure(), ns_lwresd_shutdown(), ns_stats_dump(), ns_statschannels_configure(), pk11_initialize(), pk11_initmsgcat(), and rbtdb_write_header().

Typedef Documentation

typedef isc_boolean_t isc_once_t

Definition at line 25 of file once.h.

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