rbtdb.h File Reference

DNS Red-Black Tree DB Implementation. More...

#include <isc/lang.h>
#include <dns/types.h>

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#define DNS_RBTDB_H   1


ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS isc_result_t dns_rbtdb_create (isc_mem_t *mctx, dns_name_t *base, dns_dbtype_t type, dns_rdataclass_t rdclass, unsigned int argc, char *argv[], void *driverarg, dns_db_t **dbp)
 Create a new database of type "rbt" (or "rbt64"). Called via dns_db_create(); see documentation for that function for more details.

Detailed Description

DNS Red-Black Tree DB Implementation.

Definition in file rbtdb.h.

Define Documentation

#define DNS_RBTDB_H   1

Definition at line 21 of file rbtdb.h.

Function Documentation

ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS isc_result_t dns_rbtdb_create ( isc_mem_t mctx,
dns_name_t base,
dns_dbtype_t  type,
dns_rdataclass_t  rdclass,
unsigned int  argc,
char *  argv[],
void *  driverarg,
dns_db_t **  dbp 

Create a new database of type "rbt" (or "rbt64"). Called via dns_db_create(); see documentation for that function for more details.

If argv[0] is set, it points to a valid memory context to be used for allocation of heap memory. Generally this is used for cache databases only.


Definition at line 8187 of file rbtdb.c.

References allocate_version(), cache_methods, DEFAULT_CACHE_NODE_LOCK_COUNT, DEFAULT_NODE_LOCK_COUNT, delete_callback(), DNS_DB_MAGIC, DNS_DBATTR_CACHE, DNS_DBATTR_STUB, dns_dbtype_cache, dns_dbtype_stub, dns_name_dupwithoffsets(), dns_name_hash(), dns_name_init(), dns_rbt_addnode(), dns_rbt_create(), DNS_RBT_LOCKLENGTH, dns_rbt_namefromnode(), DNS_RBT_NSEC_NORMAL, DNS_RBT_NSEC_NSEC3, dns_rdatasetstats_create(), DNS_RPZ_INVALID_NUM, dns_stats_detach(), free_rbtdb(), dns_rbtnode::hashval, INSIST, IS_CACHE, ISC_FALSE, isc_heap_create(), isc_heap_destroy(), ISC_LIST_INIT, isc_mem_attach(), isc_mem_get, isc_mem_put, isc_ondestroy_init(), ISC_R_EXISTS, ISC_R_NOMEMORY, ISC_R_RANGE, ISC_R_SUCCESS, isc_refcount_decrement, isc_refcount_destroy, isc_refcount_init(), isc_rwlock_destroy(), isc_rwlock_init(), ISC_TRUE, dns_rbtnode::locknum, mctx, name, NODE_DESTROYLOCK, NODE_INITLOCK, dns_rbtnode::nsec, origin, PREPEND, RBTDB_DESTROYLOCK, RBTDB_INITLOCK, RBTDB_MAGIC, rdclass, resign_sooner(), set_index(), sooner(), ttl_sooner(), rdatasetheader::type, UNUSED, and zone_methods.

Referenced by ISC_LIST().

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