ssu_external.c File Reference

#include <config.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <isc/magic.h>
#include <isc/mem.h>
#include <isc/netaddr.h>
#include <isc/result.h>
#include <isc/string.h>
#include <isc/util.h>
#include <isc/strerror.h>
#include <dns/fixedname.h>
#include <dns/name.h>
#include <dns/ssu.h>
#include <dns/log.h>
#include <dns/rdatatype.h>
#include <dst/dst.h>

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static void ssu_e_log (int level, const char *fmt,...)
static int ux_socket_connect (const char *path)
isc_boolean_t dns_ssu_external_match (dns_name_t *identity, dns_name_t *signer, dns_name_t *name, isc_netaddr_t *tcpaddr, dns_rdatatype_t type, const dst_key_t *key, isc_mem_t *mctx)

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Definition at line 107 of file ssu_external.c.

Referenced by dns_ssu_external_match().

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static void ssu_e_log ( int  level,
const char *  fmt,
) [static]

Definition at line 52 of file ssu_external.c.

References dns_lctx, DNS_LOGCATEGORY_SECURITY, DNS_LOGMODULE_ZONE, ISC_LOG_DEBUG, and isc_log_vwrite().

Referenced by dns_ssu_external_match(), and ux_socket_connect().

static int ux_socket_connect ( const char *  path  )  [static]

Definition at line 66 of file ssu_external.c.

References isc__strerror(), ISC_STRERRORSIZE, REQUIRE, and ssu_e_log().

Referenced by dns_ssu_external_match().

isc_boolean_t dns_ssu_external_match ( dns_name_t identity,
dns_name_t signer,
dns_name_t name,
isc_netaddr_t tcpaddr,
dns_rdatatype_t  type,
const dst_key_t key,
isc_mem_t mctx 

Definition at line 120 of file ssu_external.c.

References isc_region::base, dns_name_format(), DNS_NAME_FORMATSIZE, dns_rdatatype_format(), DNS_RDATATYPE_FORMATSIZE, dst_key_format(), DST_KEY_FORMATSIZE, dst_key_tkeytoken(), ENSURE, isc__strerror(), isc_buffer_availablelength, isc_buffer_init, isc_buffer_putmem, isc_buffer_putstr, isc_buffer_putuint32, isc_buffer_putuint8, isc_buffer_region, ISC_FALSE, isc_mem_allocate, isc_mem_free, isc_netaddr_format(), ISC_NETADDR_FORMATSIZE, ISC_STRERRORSIZE, ISC_TRUE, isc_region::length, ssu_e_log(), SSU_EXTERNAL_VERSION, and ux_socket_connect().

Referenced by dns_ssutable_checkrules().

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