controlconnection Struct Reference

Data Fields

isccc_ccmsg_t ccmsg
isc_boolean_t ccmsg_valid
isc_boolean_t sending
controllistener_t * listener
isc_uint32_t nonce

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file controlconf.c.

Field Documentation

isc_socket_t* controlconnection::sock

Definition at line 81 of file controlconf.c.

isccc_ccmsg_t controlconnection::ccmsg

Definition at line 82 of file controlconf.c.

isc_boolean_t controlconnection::ccmsg_valid

Definition at line 83 of file controlconf.c.

isc_boolean_t controlconnection::sending

Definition at line 84 of file controlconf.c.

isc_timer_t* controlconnection::timer

Definition at line 85 of file controlconf.c.

isc_buffer_t* controlconnection::buffer

Definition at line 86 of file controlconf.c.

controllistener_t* controlconnection::listener

Definition at line 87 of file controlconf.c.

Referenced by add_listener(), control_newconn(), control_recvmessage(), control_senddone(), controls_shutdown(), maybe_free_connection(), ns_controls_configure(), and update_listener().

isc_uint32_t controlconnection::nonce

Definition at line 88 of file controlconf.c.

Referenced by control_recvmessage().

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