dispsocket Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int magic
isc_sockaddr_t host
in_port_t localport
dispportentry_t * portentry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 167 of file dispatch.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned int dispsocket::magic

Definition at line 168 of file dispatch.c.

isc_socket_t* dispsocket::socket

Definition at line 169 of file dispatch.c.

dns_dispatch_t* dispsocket::disp

Definition at line 170 of file dispatch.c.

isc_sockaddr_t dispsocket::host

Definition at line 171 of file dispatch.c.

in_port_t dispsocket::localport

Definition at line 172 of file dispatch.c.

dispportentry_t* dispsocket::portentry

Definition at line 173 of file dispatch.c.

dns_dispentry_t* dispsocket::resp

Definition at line 174 of file dispatch.c.

isc_task_t* dispsocket::task

Definition at line 175 of file dispatch.c.

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