dns_acacheentry Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int magic
unsigned int locknum
isc_refcount_t references

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file acache.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned int dns_acacheentry::magic

Definition at line 208 of file acache.c.

Referenced by dns_acache_createentry().

unsigned int dns_acacheentry::locknum

Definition at line 210 of file acache.c.

Referenced by acache_incremental_cleaning_action(), dns_acache_cancelentry(), dns_acache_createentry(), dns_acache_getentry(), dns_acache_putdb(), dns_acache_setentry(), and shutdown_entries().

isc_refcount_t dns_acacheentry::references

Definition at line 211 of file acache.c.

Referenced by dns_acache_attachentry(), dns_acache_createentry(), and dns_acache_detachentry().

dns_acache_t* dns_acacheentry::acache

Definition at line 213 of file acache.c.

Referenced by destroy_entry(), dns_acache_cancelentry(), dns_acache_createentry(), and dns_acache_getentry().

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