dns_adbaddrinfo Struct Reference

The answers to queries come back as a list of these. More...

#include <adb.h>

Public Member Functions

 ISC_LINK (dns_adbaddrinfo_t) publink

Data Fields

unsigned int magic
isc_sockaddr_t sockaddr
unsigned int srtt
 [rw] microsecs
isc_dscp_t dscp
unsigned int flags

Detailed Description

The answers to queries come back as a list of these.

Definition at line 213 of file adb.h.

Member Function Documentation

dns_adbaddrinfo::ISC_LINK ( dns_adbaddrinfo_t   ) 

Field Documentation

unsigned int dns_adbaddrinfo::magic


Definition at line 214 of file adb.h.

Referenced by free_adbaddrinfo(), and new_adbaddrinfo().

isc_sockaddr_t dns_adbaddrinfo::sockaddr


Definition at line 216 of file adb.h.

Referenced by add_bad(), dns_adb_dumpfind(), fctx_query(), findname(), log_lame(), log_nsid(), mark_bad(), new_adbaddrinfo(), notify_send(), possibly_mark(), resquery_connected(), resquery_response(), resquery_send(), and setup_addresses().

unsigned int dns_adbaddrinfo::srtt

[rw] microsecs

Definition at line 217 of file adb.h.

Referenced by adjustsrtt(), dns_adb_dumpfind(), fctx_cancelquery(), fctx_getaddresses(), fctx_nextaddress(), fctx_query(), new_adbaddrinfo(), sort_adbfind(), and sort_finds().

isc_dscp_t dns_adbaddrinfo::dscp

Definition at line 218 of file adb.h.

Referenced by fctx_getaddresses(), fctx_query(), and new_adbaddrinfo().

unsigned int dns_adbaddrinfo::flags


Definition at line 220 of file adb.h.

Referenced by dns_adb_changeflags(), dns_adb_dumpfind(), fctx_getaddresses(), fctx_nextaddress(), findname(), mark_bad(), new_adbaddrinfo(), possibly_mark(), and resquery_send().

dns_adbentry_t* dns_adbaddrinfo::entry


Definition at line 221 of file adb.h.

Referenced by adjustsrtt(), dns_adb_adjustsrtt(), dns_adb_agesrtt(), dns_adb_changeflags(), dns_adb_destroyfind(), dns_adb_dumpfind(), dns_adb_ednsto(), dns_adb_freeaddrinfo(), dns_adb_getsit(), dns_adb_getudpsize(), dns_adb_marklame(), dns_adb_noedns(), dns_adb_plainresponse(), dns_adb_probesize2(), dns_adb_setsit(), dns_adb_setudpsize(), dns_adb_timeout(), free_adbaddrinfo(), and new_adbaddrinfo().

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