dns_diff Struct Reference

#include <diff.h>

Public Member Functions

 ISC_LIST (dns_difftuple_t) tuples

Data Fields

unsigned int magic

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file diff.h.

Member Function Documentation

dns_diff::ISC_LIST ( dns_difftuple_t   ) 

Field Documentation

unsigned int dns_diff::magic

Definition at line 103 of file diff.h.

Referenced by dns_diff_init().

isc_mem_t* dns_diff::mctx

Definition at line 104 of file diff.h.

Referenced by add_nsec(), add_nsec3param_records(), add_placeholder_nsec(), add_rr_prepare_action(), add_signing_records(), add_sigs(), axfr_putdata(), diff_namespace(), dns_db_diffx(), dns_diff_init(), dns_diff_print(), dns_diff_sort(), dns_journal_print(), dns_nsec3_addnsec3(), dns_nsec3_delnsec3(), dns_nsec3param_deletechains(), dns_update_signaturesinc(), do_one_tuple(), get_name_diff(), ixfr_putdata(), keydone(), namelist_append_name(), remove_orphaned_ds(), roll_forward(), rollback_private(), sync_keyzone(), sync_secure_journal(), temp_append(), update_one_rr(), update_sigs(), zone_nsec3chain(), zone_refreshkeys(), zone_resigninc(), and zone_sign().

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