dst_func Struct Reference

#include <dst_internal.h>

Data Fields

isc_result_t(* createctx )(dst_key_t *key, dst_context_t *dctx)
isc_result_t(* createctx2 )(dst_key_t *key, int maxbits, dst_context_t *dctx)
void(* destroyctx )(dst_context_t *dctx)
isc_result_t(* adddata )(dst_context_t *dctx, const isc_region_t *data)
isc_result_t(* sign )(dst_context_t *dctx, isc_buffer_t *sig)
isc_result_t(* verify )(dst_context_t *dctx, const isc_region_t *sig)
isc_result_t(* verify2 )(dst_context_t *dctx, int maxbits, const isc_region_t *sig)
isc_result_t(* computesecret )(const dst_key_t *pub, const dst_key_t *priv, isc_buffer_t *secret)
isc_boolean_t(* compare )(const dst_key_t *key1, const dst_key_t *key2)
isc_boolean_t(* paramcompare )(const dst_key_t *key1, const dst_key_t *key2)
isc_result_t(* generate )(dst_key_t *key, int parms, void(*callback)(int))
isc_boolean_t(* isprivate )(const dst_key_t *key)
void(* destroy )(dst_key_t *key)
isc_result_t(* todns )(const dst_key_t *key, isc_buffer_t *data)
isc_result_t(* fromdns )(dst_key_t *key, isc_buffer_t *data)
isc_result_t(* tofile )(const dst_key_t *key, const char *directory)
isc_result_t(* parse )(dst_key_t *key, isc_lex_t *lexer, dst_key_t *pub)
void(* cleanup )(void)
isc_result_t(* fromlabel )(dst_key_t *key, const char *engine, const char *label, const char *pin)
isc_result_t(* dump )(dst_key_t *key, isc_mem_t *mctx, char **buffer, int *length)
isc_result_t(* restore )(dst_key_t *key, const char *keystr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 175 of file dst_internal.h.

Field Documentation

isc_result_t(* dst_func::createctx)(dst_key_t *key, dst_context_t *dctx)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::createctx2)(dst_key_t *key, int maxbits, dst_context_t *dctx)

void(* dst_func::destroyctx)(dst_context_t *dctx)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::adddata)(dst_context_t *dctx, const isc_region_t *data)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::sign)(dst_context_t *dctx, isc_buffer_t *sig)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::verify)(dst_context_t *dctx, const isc_region_t *sig)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::verify2)(dst_context_t *dctx, int maxbits, const isc_region_t *sig)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::computesecret)(const dst_key_t *pub, const dst_key_t *priv, isc_buffer_t *secret)

isc_boolean_t(* dst_func::compare)(const dst_key_t *key1, const dst_key_t *key2)

isc_boolean_t(* dst_func::paramcompare)(const dst_key_t *key1, const dst_key_t *key2)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::generate)(dst_key_t *key, int parms, void(*callback)(int))

isc_boolean_t(* dst_func::isprivate)(const dst_key_t *key)

void(* dst_func::destroy)(dst_key_t *key)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::todns)(const dst_key_t *key, isc_buffer_t *data)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::fromdns)(dst_key_t *key, isc_buffer_t *data)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::tofile)(const dst_key_t *key, const char *directory)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::parse)(dst_key_t *key, isc_lex_t *lexer, dst_key_t *pub)

void(* dst_func::cleanup)(void)

Referenced by dst_lib_destroy().

isc_result_t(* dst_func::fromlabel)(dst_key_t *key, const char *engine, const char *label, const char *pin)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::dump)(dst_key_t *key, isc_mem_t *mctx, char **buffer, int *length)

isc_result_t(* dst_func::restore)(dst_key_t *key, const char *keystr)

Referenced by dst_key_restore().

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