in6_pktinfo Struct Reference

IPv6 packet info. More...

#include <net.h>

Data Fields

struct in6_addr ipi6_addr
 src/dst IPv6 address
unsigned int ipi6_ifindex
 send/recv interface index

Detailed Description

IPv6 packet info.

Definition at line 177 of file net.h.

Field Documentation

struct in6_addr in6_pktinfo::ipi6_addr [read]

src/dst IPv6 address

Definition at line 178 of file net.h.

Referenced by client_request(), and process_cmsg().

unsigned int in6_pktinfo::ipi6_ifindex

send/recv interface index

Definition at line 179 of file net.h.

Referenced by build_msghdr_send(), client_request(), and process_cmsg().

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