isc_dir Struct Reference

Directory. More...

#include <dir.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int magic
char dirname [ISC_DIR_PATHMAX]
isc_direntry_t entry
DIR * handle

Detailed Description


Definition at line 49 of file dir.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int isc_dir::magic

Definition at line 50 of file dir.h.

Referenced by isc_dir_init().

char isc_dir::dirname[ISC_DIR_PATHMAX]

As with isc_direntry_t->name, making this "right" for all systems is slightly problematic because AIX does not define PATH_MAX.

Definition at line 55 of file dir.h.

Referenced by isc_dir_open().

isc_direntry_t isc_dir::entry

Definition at line 56 of file dir.h.

Referenced by dns_dnssec_findmatchingkeys(), greatest_version(), isc_dir_init(), and isc_dir_read().

DIR* isc_dir::handle

Definition at line 57 of file dir.h.

Referenced by isc_dir_close(), isc_dir_init(), isc_dir_open(), isc_dir_read(), and isc_dir_reset().

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