isc_rng Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned int magic
chacha_ctx cpctx
isc_uint8_t buffer [CHACHA_BUFFERSIZE]
size_t have
unsigned int references
int count
 entropy source
isc_mutex_t lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file random.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned int isc_rng::magic

Definition at line 74 of file random.c.

isc_mem_t* isc_rng::mctx

Definition at line 75 of file random.c.

chacha_ctx isc_rng::cpctx

Definition at line 76 of file random.c.

isc_uint8_t isc_rng::buffer[CHACHA_BUFFERSIZE]

Definition at line 77 of file random.c.

size_t isc_rng::have

Definition at line 78 of file random.c.

unsigned int isc_rng::references

Definition at line 79 of file random.c.

int isc_rng::count

Definition at line 80 of file random.c.

isc_entropy_t* isc_rng::entropy

entropy source

Definition at line 81 of file random.c.

isc_mutex_t isc_rng::lock

Definition at line 82 of file random.c.

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