journal_pos_t Struct Reference

The in-core representation of the journal header. More...

Data Fields

isc_uint32_t serial
isc_offset_t offset

Detailed Description

The in-core representation of the journal header.

Definition at line 251 of file journal.c.

Field Documentation

isc_uint32_t journal_pos_t::serial

Definition at line 252 of file journal.c.

Referenced by dns_journal_commit(), dns_journal_compact(), dns_journal_first_rr(), dns_journal_first_serial(), dns_journal_iter_init(), dns_journal_last_serial(), dns_journal_writediff(), index_find(), index_invalidate(), index_to_disk(), journal_find(), journal_next(), journal_open(), journal_pos_decode(), and journal_pos_encode().

isc_offset_t journal_pos_t::offset

Definition at line 253 of file journal.c.

Referenced by dns_journal_begin_transaction(), dns_journal_commit(), dns_journal_compact(), dns_journal_first_rr(), dns_journal_writediff(), index_to_disk(), journal_next(), journal_open(), journal_pos_decode(), journal_pos_encode(), and read_one_rr().

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