rrstream_methods Struct Reference

Data Fields

isc_result_t(* first )(rrstream_t *)
isc_result_t(* next )(rrstream_t *)
void(* current )(rrstream_t *, dns_name_t **, isc_uint32_t *, dns_rdata_t **)
void(* pause )(rrstream_t *)
void(* destroy )(rrstream_t **)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file xfrout.c.

Field Documentation

isc_result_t(* rrstream_methods::first)(rrstream_t *)

Referenced by compound_rrstream_first(), compound_rrstream_next(), and ns_xfr_start().

isc_result_t(* rrstream_methods::next)(rrstream_t *)

Referenced by compound_rrstream_next(), and sendstream().

void(* rrstream_methods::current)(rrstream_t *, dns_name_t **, isc_uint32_t *, dns_rdata_t **)

Referenced by compound_rrstream_current(), and sendstream().

void(* rrstream_methods::pause)(rrstream_t *)

Referenced by compound_rrstream_next(), compound_rrstream_pause(), and sendstream().

void(* rrstream_methods::destroy)(rrstream_t **)

Referenced by compound_rrstream_destroy(), ns_xfr_start(), and xfrout_ctx_destroy().

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