task_p.h File Reference

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isc_boolean_t isc__taskmgr_ready (isc_taskmgr_t *taskmgr)
isc_result_t isc__taskmgr_dispatch (isc_taskmgr_t *taskmgr)

Detailed Description

Definition in file task_p.h.

Function Documentation

isc_boolean_t isc__taskmgr_ready ( isc_taskmgr_t taskmgr  ) 

Definition at line 1609 of file task.c.

References empty_readyq(), ISC_FALSE, LOCK, taskmgr, and UNLOCK.

Referenced by ATF_TC_BODY(), evloop(), isc__taskmgr_destroy(), waitbody(), and waitfor().

isc_result_t isc__taskmgr_dispatch ( isc_taskmgr_t taskmgr  ) 

Definition at line 1628 of file task.c.

References dispatch(), ISC_R_NOTFOUND, ISC_R_SUCCESS, and taskmgr.

Referenced by ATF_TC_BODY(), evloop(), isc__app_ctxrun(), isc__taskmgr_destroy(), waitbody(), and waitfor().

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