isc_symvalue Union Reference

Symbol table value. More...

#include <symtab.h>

Data Fields

void * as_pointer
const void * as_cpointer
int as_integer
unsigned int as_uinteger

Detailed Description

Symbol table value.

Definition at line 95 of file symtab.h.

Field Documentation

void* isc_symvalue::as_pointer

Definition at line 96 of file symtab.h.

Referenced by add(), ATF_TC_BODY(), cfg_map_get(), cfg_parse_mapbody(), cfg_parser_mapadd(), cfg_print_mapbody(), map_symtabitem_destroy(), parse_symtab_elt(), and undefine().

const void* isc_symvalue::as_cpointer

Definition at line 97 of file symtab.h.

Referenced by bind9_check_logging(), bind9_check_namedconf(), check_keylist(), fileexist(), nameexist(), and validate_masters().

int isc_symvalue::as_integer

Definition at line 98 of file symtab.h.

unsigned int isc_symvalue::as_uinteger

Definition at line 99 of file symtab.h.

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