isc Directory Reference


file  aes.h [code]
file  app.h [code]
 ISC Application Support.
file  assertions.h [code]
file  backtrace.h [code]
 provide a back trace of the running process to help debug problems.
file  base32.h [code]
file  base64.h [code]
file  bind9.h [code]
file  boolean.h [code]
file  buffer.h [code]
 A buffer is a region of memory, together with a set of related subregions. Buffers are used for parsing and I/O operations.
file  bufferlist.h [code]
 Buffer lists have no synchronization. Clients must ensure exclusive access.
file  commandline.h [code]
file  counter.h [code]
 The isc_counter_t object is a simplified version of the isc_quota_t object; it tracks the consumption of limited resources, returning an error condition when the quota is exceeded. However, unlike isc_quota_t, attaching and detaching from a counter object does not increment or decrement the counter.
file  crc64.h [code]
 CRC64 in C.
file  entropy.h [code]
 The entropy API.
file  error.h [code]
file  event.h [code]
file  eventclass.h [code]
file  file.h [code]
file  formatcheck.h [code]
file  fsaccess.h [code]
 The ISC filesystem access module encapsulates the setting of file and directory access permissions into one API that is meant to be portable to multiple operating systems.
file  hash.h [code]
 The hash API provides an unpredictable hash value for variable length data. A hash object contains a random vector (which is hidden from clients of this API) to make the actual hash value unpredictable.
file  heap.h [code]
file  hex.h [code]
file  hmacmd5.h [code]
 This is the header file for the HMAC-MD5 keyed hash algorithm described in RFC2104.
file  hmacsha.h [code]
file  httpd.h [code]
file  interfaceiter.h [code]
 Iterates over the list of network interfaces.
file  ipv6.h [code]
 IPv6 definitions for systems which do not support IPv6.
file  iterated_hash.h [code]
file  json.h [code]
file  lang.h [code]
file  lex.h [code]
 The "lex" module provides a lightweight tokenizer. It can operate on files or buffers, and can handle "include". It is designed for parsing of DNS master files and the BIND configuration file, but should be general enough to tokenize other things, e.g. HTTP.
file  lfsr.h [code]
file  lib.h [code]
file  list.h [code]
file  log.h [code]
file  magic.h [code]
file  md5.h [code]
 This is the header file for the MD5 message-digest algorithm.
file  mem.h [code]
file  msgcat.h [code]
 The ISC Message Catalog aids internationalization of applications by allowing messages to be retrieved from locale-specific files instead of hardwiring them into the application. This allows translations of messages appropriate to the locale to be supplied without recompiling the application.
file  msgs.h [code]
file  mutexblock.h [code]
file  netaddr.h [code]
file  netscope.h [code]
file  ondestroy.h [code]
file  os.h [code]
file  parseint.h [code]
 Parse integers, in a saner way than atoi() or strtoul() do.
file  platform.h [code]
file  pool.h [code]
 An object pool is a mechanism for sharing a small pool of fungible objects among a large number of objects that depend on them.
file  portset.h [code]
 Transport Protocol Port Manipulation Module.
file  print.h [code]
file  queue.h [code]
file  quota.h [code]
 The isc_quota_t object is a simple helper object for implementing quotas on things like the number of simultaneous connections to a server. It keeps track of the amount of quota in use, and encapsulates the locking necessary to allow multiple tasks to share a quota.
file  radix.h [code]
file  random.h [code]
 Implements a random state pool which will let the caller return a series of possibly non-reproducible random values.
file  ratelimiter.h [code]
 A rate limiter is a mechanism for dispatching events at a limited rate. This is intended to be used when sending zone maintenance SOA queries, NOTIFY messages, etc.
file  refcount.h [code]
 Implements a locked reference counter.
file  regex.h [code]
file  region.h [code]
file  resource.h [code]
file  result.h [code]
file  resultclass.h [code]
 Registry of Predefined Result Type Classes.
file  rwlock.h [code]
file  safe.h [code]
file  serial.h [code]
 Implement 32 bit serial space arithmetic comparison functions. Note: Undefined results are returned as ISC_FALSE.
file  sha1.h [code]
 SHA-1 in C.
file  sha2.h [code]
file  sockaddr.h [code]
file  socket.h [code]
 Provides TCP and UDP sockets for network I/O. The sockets are event sources in the task system.
file  stats.h [code]
file  stdio.h [code]
file  stdlib.h [code]
file  string.h [code]
file  symtab.h [code]
 Provides a simple memory-based symbol table.
file  task.h [code]
 The task system provides a lightweight execution context, which is basically an event queue.
file  taskpool.h [code]
 A task pool is a mechanism for sharing a small number of tasks among a large number of objects such that each object is assigned a unique task, but each task may be shared by several objects.
file  timer.h [code]
 Provides timers which are event sources in the task system.
file  tm.h [code]
file  types.h [code]
 OS-specific types, from the OS-specific include directories.
file  util.h [code]
 Including this file puts several macros in your name space that are not protected (as all the other ISC functions/macros do) by prepending ISC_ or isc_ to the name.
file  version.h [code]
file  xml.h [code]

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