base64.h File Reference

#include <isc/lang.h>
#include <isc/types.h>

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#define ISC_BASE64_H   1


ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS isc_result_t isc_base64_totext (isc_region_t *source, int wordlength, const char *wordbreak, isc_buffer_t *target)
 Convert data into base64 encoded text.
isc_result_t isc_base64_decodestring (const char *cstr, isc_buffer_t *target)
 Decode a null-terminated base64 string.
isc_result_t isc_base64_tobuffer (isc_lex_t *lexer, isc_buffer_t *target, int length)
 Convert base64 encoded text from a lexer context into data.

Detailed Description

Definition in file base64.h.

Define Documentation

#define ISC_BASE64_H   1

Definition at line 21 of file base64.h.

Function Documentation

ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS isc_result_t isc_base64_totext ( isc_region_t source,
int  wordlength,
const char *  wordbreak,
isc_buffer_t target 

Convert data into base64 encoded text.


Requires: Ensures:

Definition at line 53 of file base64.c.

References isc_region::base, base64, ISC_R_SUCCESS, isc_region_consume, isc_region::length, RETERR, and str_totext().

Referenced by dst__privstruct_writefile(), generate_session_key(), isccc_base64_encode(), totext_any_tsig(), totext_cdnskey(), totext_cert(), totext_dnskey(), totext_hip(), totext_in_dhcid(), totext_ipseckey(), totext_key(), totext_keydata(), totext_openpgpkey(), totext_opt(), totext_rrsig(), totext_sig(), and totext_tkey().

isc_result_t isc_base64_decodestring ( const char *  cstr,
isc_buffer_t target 

Decode a null-terminated base64 string.


Returns: Other error returns are any possible error code from:

Definition at line 210 of file base64.c.

References base64_decode_char(), base64_decode_finish(), base64_decode_init(), ISC_R_SUCCESS, and RETERR.

Referenced by add_initial_keys(), bind9_check_key(), check_trusted_key(), dstkey_fromconfig(), evaluate_key(), fromtext_hip(), get_rndckey(), isccc_base64_decode(), register_keys(), setup_keystr(), and setup_text_key().

isc_result_t isc_base64_tobuffer ( isc_lex_t lexer,
isc_buffer_t target,
int  length 

Convert base64 encoded text from a lexer context into data.



Definition at line 180 of file base64.c.

References isc_tokenvalue_t::as_textregion, isc_textregion::base, base64_decode_char(), base64_decode_finish(), base64_decode_init(), ISC_FALSE, isc_lex_getmastertoken(), isc_lex_ungettoken(), ISC_R_SUCCESS, isc_tokentype_string, ISC_TRUE, isc_textregion::length, base64_decode_ctx_t::length, RETERR, base64_decode_ctx_t::seen_end, token, isc_token::type, and isc_token::value.

Referenced by dst__privstruct_parse(), fromtext_any_tsig(), fromtext_cdnskey(), fromtext_cert(), fromtext_dnskey(), fromtext_in_dhcid(), fromtext_ipseckey(), fromtext_key(), fromtext_keydata(), fromtext_openpgpkey(), fromtext_rrsig(), fromtext_sig(), and fromtext_tkey().

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